Bridge to Benefits - SD - School Meal Program
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School Meal Program
The application for the School Meal Program (School Meals Benefit Application) is usually sent to parents at the beginning of the school year. If you did not receive the application or did not complete it, you can apply any time during the school year by taking the completed application to the school office. For application assistance, contact your local school. To find district and school contact information, click here for a link to the South Dakota Educational Directory. 

Even if your child was enrolled in the program before, you must fill out a new application each school year. If you have children at different schools, you only need to complete one application and you may turn it in at any one of the schools.

You must fill out the entire application; do not leave any questions blank. The sections of the form that must be filled out depend on whether you are applying for children with assistance numbers (SNAP, TANF, FDRIP), for foster children or for other children. You must provide:

  • Names of all children the application is for (all children in your household who are enrolled in school), assistance numbers (SNAP, TANF, FDRIP), and regular income to children (for example, SSI).
  • Names and incomes of every adult household member.
  • How often you receive your income (for example, weekly, monthly, other).
  • If the children for whom you are applying have assistance numbers or are foster children, you do NOT have to give information about adults (such as names, incomes, social security numbers) in your household.
  • The Social Security number of an adult in your household.
  • A signature of an adult in your household.
Turn in your application as soon as possible to the school's office either by mail or in person. It will be reviewed by school officials, who will contact your family if your child or children are able to get free or reduced-price meals.